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25 Songs I Can't Wait To Hear in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

So guess what! The Kingdom Hearts rhythm action game is out next week!

(if you've been living under a rock, you can catch up here!)

To celebrate this momentus occasion - as we all know EVERY game in the Kingdom Hearts series is important to the overall story - I've compiled a list of all of the tracks I am looking forward to playing when Melody of Memory releases on the 13th November 2020!

DISCLAIMER: I have no confimation on whether or not these songs made it into the game, I just hope they do as I think they'd be so fun to play in a rhythm game!

In no particular order...

Radiant Garden

Radiant Garden first appears in Kingdom Hearts II and continues to pop up in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts III and more! The signature although slow song, has enough melodies in it to keep things fast paced and takes influence from a KH1 track Hollow Bastion as this is what Radiant Garden is first referred to at the start of the series.

Sinister Sundown

I'm going to start by saying that a lot of the songs in this list are battle themes as I think their fast paced tempos will be the most fun to play! Sinister Sundown is a song that frequently appears in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can only be heard in Twilight Town and it's surrounding areas and is often featured when Sora or Roxas is confronted with a hoard of Heartless or Nobodies.

Frozen Wonderland

If the title and sleigh bells weren't indication enough, this track features in Arendelle, the Frozen world in Kingdom Hearts III. This upbeat track would be so much fun to bounce around to whilst taking out Frozen inspired Heartless. I can just imagine the lighter piano parts playing whilst Sora glides through the top musical notes. It could be really graceful!

On The Debug

Appearing in the Kingdom Hearts game everyone usually forgets, this techno track could be the perfect song to rave to. That, or the perfect song to play in a rhythm action game! Which is why it has made this list. I wonder if instead of defeating Heartless in this track you'll have to take out those terrible red and black cubes only found in Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded!

What Lies Beneath

As video game scores should do, this track instantly takes me back to the Underworld beneath the Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts II. It also reminds me of that Hades boss fight where you have to fight your way through levels of the Underworld. I'd love to see it in MoM due to its echo-y tones and the way it gets me hyped for battle.

An Adventure in Atlantica

Although there are many tracks I could have chosen from Atlantica (it was difficult to resist Swim This Way) I decided to go for An Adventure in Atlantica as I felt it had the right tempo to keep things moving swiftly along the one way track Sora and co traverse down in Melody of Memory. With it's slightly Caribbean inspired sounds, this track is also guaranteed to get anyone in the dancing mood.

The Tumbling

My favourite part of this song is the crunchy retro beat that repeats throughout. This song appears in most Unversed fights during Birth By Sleep and has such a fast tempo that I could see it being a real challenge for those who are planning on playing Melody of Memory on proud mode!

Shipmasters Shanty

Throughout all 3 main series Kingdom Hearts games, there are plenty of opportunities to customise your Gummi Ship and prepare it for battle. There are also different tracks for each game and levels of difficulty. This is my favourite track as I love how optimistic it sounds, this is probably featured early on in Kingdom Hearts II before the Gummi flights get really difficult!


This tense track features at the end of Kingdom Hearts III. This is an extremely big deal as not only is Sora up against the ultimate villain of the series but it is also the start of the end of the Xehanort saga - which the entire series has been made up of so far. The title Replicas is a reference to all the clones of Xehanort Sora and co must defeat.

Space Paranoids

Named after the world this song inhabits, Space Paranoids makes references to retro computers and the digital world. Like The Tumbling, this song also has a crunchy, repetitive beat that is insanely catchy. This song also feels spacey and mysterious which captures the mood exactly as Sora, Donald and Goofy are unexpectedly thrown inside a computer.


This song features prominently in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep however re-emerges in Kingdom Hearts III which is when we are finally reunited with the Wayfinder Trio of Birth By Sleep. It feels slightly darker than the other tracks in this list and can usually be heard before the final boss of a world. It's enough to get you pumped up for a tough battle!


I'll admit that this is quite a strange choice for this list, however it is also one of my favourite tracks so it's one I'd love to see reappear in the Kingdom Hearts series. This solemn song can either cause a lump in your throat if you're familiar with the scene it comes from, or can cause you to reflect on your own sadness if you're not familiar with the source. That's how good it is!

Future Masters

This track reminds me of Aqua and Terra attempting to pass their mark of mastery exam in BBS. I probably remember it so vividly due to having to play through it 3 times over, from 3 different perspectives. Luckily, it's a great song so I don't mind hearing it 3 times over! Which I will probably also have to do in MoM because I am not good at the demo.

Toy Box Jam

I challenge any Kingdom Hearts fan to listen to this track and not instantly smile. It brings back such happy memories of experiencing Kingdom Hearts III for the first time after such a long wait. I've since played KHIII a few times more but it still takes me back to that magical first time. It's also super fun to listen to so I can imagine it being even more fun to play in time with.


One of the coolest Kingdom Hearts tracks, in my professional opinion. Cloudchasers is another Gummi Ship track which I believe can only be heard in Kingdom Hearts II before unlocking The Pride Lands. This track is so good at building the tension of the battle ahead, so much so that I actually first thought that it appeared much later in the game!

Titanic Clash

I know I've mentioned it a couple of times in this list already but this song really is EPIC. Appearing during the Titans fight in Kingdom Hearts III, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Hercules must take down each monstrous tyrant one at a time to restore peace among Mount Olympus. This boss is relatively early in Kingdom Hearts III and it perfectly sets players up for the grand adventures they've got waiting for them.

Arabian Dream

This Aladdin inspired track appears in the Kingdom Hearts II version of Agrabah. It first appears when smacking Heartless around in the Square and again later when solving puzzles in the Cave of Wonders. I can see this track having a lot of sections which'll require you to think fast! Much like when navigating the Cave of Wonders.

Peaceful Hearts

This is another angelic sounding track from Birth By Sleep. Usually heard during romantic or heartfelt scenes, it mostly reminds me of Aqua's visit to Castle of Dreams, the world based on Cinderella. Peaceful Hearts is the perfect song to wind down to so I can see it working perfectly with a slow, flowy level in Melody of Memory, perhaps on the easiest difficulty.

Star Explorer

Remember how I said that Toy Box Jam was reminiscent of my first time playing KHIII? Well Star Explorer is exactly the same! This is yet another Gummi Ship song and I love how exciting this song is, it really gets your expectations high for the journey you're about to embark on. Which ultimately ends in disappointment when you land at Port Royal.

The 13th Struggle

This is the song I hear in my head when I feel overwhelmed. This busy, tense song is mainly associated with regular KH baddies Organisation XIII. Hence the name of the song. It has elements of sadness to it though which is also a reference to the members of Organisation XIII maybe not being as heartless as players once thought.

Flags of Fury

Forget what I said about Titanic Clash, THIS is the most epic song of Kingdom Hearts III. This tracks fits in well with the world it originates from as the Pirates of the Caribbean theme is also pretty epic. Sadly, Port Royal might just be one of my most disliked Kingdom Hearts worlds, in all games! As I would have liked to hear this track more often.

Dance of the Daring

I know that every Kingdom Hearts fan's mind just went to Beast's Castle after hearing this which is arguably home to some of the best tracks in the entire series. My favourite memory of this track is working together with Cogsworth, Lumiere and Mrs Potts to escape out of the Castle's basement. This mini game can be infuriating but I have a lot of good memories associated with it too.


Like The 13th Struggle, this track sounds tense but also has an element of sadness to it, once you know the context. Terra - one of the early Keyblade wielders suffers immensely at the hands of Master Xehanort and eventually gives into darkness. This is the music heard during any fight with Terra which makes for some emotional boss battles.

Rowdy Rumble

This track always starts to play when you are about to get into a boss battle with famous Disney villain Pete. This exciting but goofy battle theme gets an even cooler remaster when fighting Pete in the Timeless River - a world based on classic 1930s Mickey Mouse cartoons - as the audio quality dips and sounds as it would have in the early days of cinema.

Face My Fears

Surely, they can't make a Kingdom Hearts rhythm action game without including one of the amazing theme songs produced by Utada Hikaru?! Although Simple and Clean and Sanctuary are both stellar songs in their own right. I chose Face My Fears as it is my personal favourite and has the fastest tempo, which is exactly what you need in a rhythm game!

Honourable Mention

One Winged Angel

I just wanted to add this because I thought it would be hilarious to try and play along with it without becoming incredibly uncomfortable. I can't handle the first few seconds of this song without growing so restless and needing to turn it off, like immediately. I guess it's the perfect theme song for the biggest baddie in the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts series!

This was a long list! There's just so many amazing songs in this series that deserve to make it into a game dedicated to their excellence. Shout out to Yoko Shimomura - the composer of the Kingdom Hearts series for the last 18 years - who is responsible for 99% of the masterpieces you have heard today.

Melody of Memory is out on the 13th November 2020 and is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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