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A Cartoon Master Post – Part 3

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


I was inspired the other day by a similar list to highlight all of my favourite animated TV series over the years. Some of the shows on this list I’m nuts about and others I moderately enjoy or really liked at one point in my life. So brace yourself, this is going to be a long list.

Hopefully this list will take you down memory lane and perhaps inspire you to watch some new shows!

Now, for the last few…

Aladdin (The Series)

  • Based On: Aladdin (1992)

  • Originally Aired: 1994 – 1995, Disney Channel. Lasted 3 seasons.

  • Plot: Set after the events of the original movie, Aladdin continues to protect the city of Agrabah from danger and travel the world.

  • Additional Info: The original voice actors for Aladdin; Scott Weinger and Jasmine; Linda Larkin reprised their roles for the series, however Genie’s original voice actor; Robin Williams did not. He was replaced by The Simpsons voice actor Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer.

  • Why it Made This List: I may have caught this show through re-runs when I was younger but it had started and finished before I was born, I did rewatch a few episodes a few years ago.

Bravest Warriors

  • Creator: Pendleton Ward

  • Originally Aired: 2012 – present, Cartoon Hangover (YouTube). Currently on it’s 4th season.

  • Plot: Four teenagers living in the year 3085 spend their days as heroes-for-hire.

  • Additional Info: Adventure Time’s creator, Pendleton Ward also created this series. Like Bee and PuppyCat, Bravest Warriors premiered on YouTube, all episodes are available to stream from there now!

  • Why it Made This List: I went through a phase where I watched a lot of cartoons on Cartoon Hangover and this and Bee and Puppycat were included during that period.

Star vs The Forces of Evil

  • Creator: Daron Nefcy

  • Originally Aired: 2015 – present, Disney XD. Currently on it’s 3rd season.

  • Plot: Star, a princess from another dimension who loves fighting monsters is sent to earth to study. Whilst there she stays with the Diaz family including their son Marco, Star and Marco get into many mishaps together – a lot of the time – in another dimension.

  • Additional Info: Daron Nefcy is the first female show creator for Disney XD. Recognise Star’s goofy voice? Maybe you’ve seen her before on The Middle, Eden Sher is the voice of Star as well as goofy Sue Heck in The Middle.

  • Why it Made This List: I loved the idea of this show and Star as a character, it’s so funny seeing a Disney Princess (technically) be goofy as hell. The show is also inspired by Magical Girl anime such as Sailor Moon & Cardcaptor Sakura who were both mentioned earlier.

Fairly Odd Parents

  • Creator: Butch Hartman

  • Originally Aired: 2001 – present, Nickelodeon. Currently on it’s 10th season.

  • Plot: 10 year old Timmy Turner has a fairly difficult life with two wacky parents who aren’t always there for him, an evil babysitting who bullies him continuously and a nut job of a teacher. He does have one thing going for him though, his Fairy God Parents! Cosmo & Wanda grant Timmy wishes regarding anything he could possibly want, with a few exceptions of course. This lands Timmy in a few situations where he must question if he made the right wish or not and face the consequences that the wishes may result in.

  • Additional Info: Similar to Nancy Cartwright in The Simpsons, Tara Strong - the voice actor behind Timmy - often shocks young kids who can’t believe that it’s a woman that voices him. Tara also voices other pre-teen boys such as Ben Tennyson from Ben 10, Terrence from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and Dil Pickles from Rugrats & All Grown Up!

  • Why it Made This List: I believe my sister’s watched this show a lot more than I did growing up, however I seem to have seen almost every one of the early episodes as it was always on in my house! Sometimes I’d think that this show was too silly or the references would go over my head but I still watched it for some reason!

Lloyd in Space

  • Creators: Joe Ansolabehere & Paul Germain

  • Originally Aired: 2001 – 2004, Disney Channel. Lasted 4 seasons.

  • Plot: Lloyd lives a typical life up on the Intrepidville Space Station with his Commander mother, Telekinetic sister and other alien friends. Living a normal life by going to school, getting into trouble with his friends. Just you know, in space thousands of years in the future.

  • Additional Info: Lloyd in Space was created by Joe & Paul, names you may recognise as the creators of Recess. Another thing to cross over from Recess includes the voice actor of Lloyd; Courtland Mead who also provided the voice of Gus Griswald in Recess.

  • Why it Made This List: I know I keep repeating myself but I watched this a lot when I was younger, as did my sister’s. The Halloween episode, Halloween Scary Fun Action Plan found in season 4  is my favourite episode.

Hercules (The Series)

  • Based On: Hercules (1997)

  • Originally Aired: 1998 – 1999, Disney Channel. Lasted 2 seasons.

  • Plot: If it’s not already, it’s about to be immediately obvious that during the 90’s and early 2000’s Disney liked to make spin-off TV series about their successful feature films and Hercules was no exception. Set during Hercules’ teenage years, Herc must attend school with other mortals as well as train with Philoctetes on the side. Accompanied by his new friends Icarus and Cassandra, Hercules must adjust to his new life before the events of the feature film occur. Even though they kind of undo the lore of the feature film?

  • Additional Info: Similar to Aladdin, a few members of the main cast returned to voice the series including Tate Donovan as Hercules, Frank Welker as Pegasus & James Woods as Hades.

  • Why it Made This List: I didn’t watch the series originally but saw it via re-runs when I was younger.

DreamWorks Dragons

  • Based On: How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

  • Originally Aired: 2012 – 2018, Cartoon Network & Netflix. Currently on it’s 8th season.

  • Plot: Following on from How To Train Your Dragon (2010) but set before How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) Hiccup and his pals must learn to co-exist with the now harmless dragons, with the help of the Dragon Training Academy. But not everyone on the surrounding islands feels the same way about dragons and vikings living in harmony and many attempt to disrupt it on Berk.

  • Additional Info: The first two seasons of this show aired on Cartoon Network titled Dragons: Riders of Berk & Dragons: Defenders of Berk. The series then continued onto Netflix in 2015 and changing to Dragons: Race To The Edge.

  • Why it Made This List: When the original HTTYD film came out, I was obsessed with it so it was only logical to give the series a try too! I’ve only watched season 1 (Riders of Berk) & 2 (Defenders of Berk) and only some of Race to the Edge.

Tom and Jerry

  • Creators:  William Hanna & Joseph Barbera

  • Originally Aired: 1940 – 1958, various networks. 164 shorts made.

  • Plot: Tom & Jerry started out as 6-10 minute animated shorts following a cat named Tom and his efforts to capture mouse pest Jerry.

  • Additional Info: The series has had multiple spin-off shows over the years and even a few feature films.

  • Why it Made This List: Quite simply, it’s a classic! I’m sure everyone has seen it at least once in their life.

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

  • Creators:  Michael & Betty Paraskevas.

  • Originally Aired: 2000 – 2002, Nick JR. Lasted 3 seasons.

  • Plot: A young girl named Maggie imagines up an entire new place named ‘Nowhere Land’ in which she travels around with her friends the ferocious Beast & Hamilton the pig.

  • Additional Info: Almost similar to Blue’s Clues, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast was originally created in Canada however made it’s way over to the UK and was dubbed using British accents and vocabulary, that’s the version that I watched. The show was inspired by the children’s book series The Ferocious Beast with the Polka-Dot Hide, which was also created by Michael & Betty Paraskevas.

  • Why it Made This List: I remember watching this before bedtime at around 7pm when I was really young. I haven’t watched it since but I remember it being so charming.

The Legend of Tarzan

  • Based On: Tarzan (1996)

  • Originally Aired: 2001 – 2003, Disney Channel. Lasted 2 seasons.

  • Plot: Following the events of the original feature film, Jane and Professor Porter are now adapting to their new life in the jungle with Tarzan who is now leader of the Apes.

  • Additional Info: I think I’ve got this in order; first there was the feature film Tarzan (1999), then came the TV series The Legend of Tarzan (2001 – 2003) then, Tarzan & Jane (2002) a straight-to-DVD movie which followed the story of the TV show and finally Tarzan II: The Legend Begins (2005) another straight-to-DVD movie however this time it’s a prequel focusing on Tarzan’s childhood.

  • Why it Made This List: The Tarzan franchise has always been a big part of mine and my family’s lives growing up.

Little Bear

  • Creators: Else Holmelund Minarik, Maurice Sendak & Jeff Goode

  • Originally Aired: 1995 – 2003, Nick JR. Lasted 5 seasons.

  • Plot: Curious Little Bear lives in the forest with his mother & father, he regularly goes out to play with his friends Owl, Hen, Cat and Emily. The group use their imaginations to go on all sorts of adventures.

  • Additional Info: Again, I watched the English version of this show. I found out whilst researching Little Bear that it actually got a straight-to-DVD movie and even a stage version in Canada!

  • Why it Made This List: Once again, I remember watching this right before bed when I was very young.

Dawn of the Croods

  • Based On: The Croods (2013)

  • Originally Aired: 2015 – 2017, Netflix. Lasted 4 seasons.

  • Plot: Set before the events of the feature length film, Dawn of the Croods follows the day to day life of Caveman family the Croods; with father Grug, mother Ugga, their daughters Eep & Sandy as well as their son Thunk and Grandmother. We watch the family traverse school, new friends and just generally surviving the stone age.

  • Additional Info: Not one member of the original cast returned to play their role and since the TV series is set before the movie, there is no Guy & Belt.

  • Why it Made This List: I love the original film so had to give it a try, I haven’t actually watched very much of this series though as it is targeted towards a younger demographic therefore can get a bit repetitive.


  • Creator: Scott M. Gimple

  • Originally Aired: 2002 – 2004, Disney Channel. Lasted 2 seasons.

  • Plot: 12-year-old Cornelius Fillmore and his partner Ingrid Third attend X Middle School and are both part of the safety patrol. The pair and a few other members patrol the hallways searching for wrongs to right. The show is a parody of other cop drama series.

  • Additional Info: Fillmore was voiced by Disney Channel alumni Orlando Brown of That’s So Raven.

  • Why it Made This List: I vaguely remember watching this show for a short while as a kid, I decided to include it today simply because I love the idea of a kids cop show.

Charlie and Lola

  • Creator: Lauren Child

  • Originally Aired: 2005 – 2008, CBeebies. Lasted 3 seasons.

  • Plot: Based on the children’s book by the same name by Lauren Child. Brother and sister, 7 year old Charlie and 5 year old Lola spend their days learning new things. Charlie imparts his wisdom onto little Lola regarding things from food to animals, getting a haircut or losing a tooth. Each episode follows a new theme.

  • Additional Info: The show copies the original books style blending photo realistic elements with 2D illustrations.

  • Why it Made This List: My sister was a big fan of the series, we had the books and watched the TV show a lot.

101 Dalmatians: The Series

  • Based On: One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

  • Originally Aired: 1997 – 1998, Disney Channel. Lasted 2 seasons.

  • Plot: Set after the events of One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) the show focuses on 3 main pups, Lucky, Rolly & Cadpig and their lives after moving from the London flat in which the feature film is set to the ‘Dalmatian Plantation’ a farm in which all 101 dogs can live.

  • Additional Info: Although neither media mentions the other, the straight-to-DVD film, 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure (2003) is set during the same time as the TV show is set.

  • Why it Made This List: Of course I watched it as a kid, it’s Dalmatians!

Tangled: The Series

  • Based On: Tangled (2010)

  • Originally Aired: 2017 – present, Disney Channel. Currently on it’s 1st season.

  • Plot: Set after the events of Tangled (2010); Rapunzel who is now free from Mother Gothel, is back living in Corona’s castle with her parents King Frederic and Queen Arianna. As she adjusts to life out of her tower, Rapunzel still goes on adventures with her boyfriend Eugene Fitzherbert, Pascal the Chameleon, Maximus the horse and her new handmaiden Cassandra. She must also adhere to her princess duties too though.

  • Additional Info: The series kicked off with a TV movie connecting the elements of the film to the TV series called Tangled Before Ever After. It is set between the original 2010 movie and the 2012 Disney short Tangled Ever After.

  • Why it Made This List: I love Tangled and although this series is aimed towards a younger demographic, it is enjoyable with all of the charm of the original included.

Max & Ruby

  • Creator: Rosemary Wells

  • Originally Aired: 2002 – present, Nick JR. Currently on it’s 6th season.

  • Plot: Similar to Charlie & Lola, Max & Ruby focuses on two siblings; 3 year old rebellious Max and 7 year old overly organised Ruby. The series follows their day to day lives where we see the trouble Max gets into and the solution Ruby comes up with to get him out of it each time. The show is about the relationship between siblings.

  • Additional Info: Once again, this show was based on a children’s book series, and once again again I watched the British dubbed version.

  • Why it Made This List: Max & Ruby like Maggie & The Ferocious Beast & Little Bear all fall into the ‘I watched this as a kid before bed’ category.

The Little Mermaid (The Series)

  • Based On: The Little Mermaid (1989)

  • Originally Aired: 1992 – 1994, Disney Channel. Lasted 3 seasons.

  • Plot: Set before the events of the original feature film, the series follows the adventures that Ariel gets herself into in Atlantica.

  • Additional Info: A prequel to The Little Mermaid (1989); Ariel’s Beginning (2008) contradicts many elements of the series so you choose whichever you want it to be canon!

  • Why it Made This List: Although the series came out even before I was born, I believe I had a VHS tape which had a few select episodes on it so I watched it that way.

64 Zoo Lane

(Unbelievably this was the only video I could find of the intro and it’s not even the full thing! So apologies for the bad quality clip)

  • Creator: An Vrombaut

  • Originally Aired: 1999 – 2013, CBeebies. Lasted 4 seasons.

  • Plot: 7 year old Lucy lives at 64 Zoo Lane, which coincidentally is right next door to a zoo. Every night she is lifted out from her bedroom window into the zoo by Georgina the Giraffe and told a bedtime story by one of the animals at the zoo.

  • Additional Info: The show’s creator An Vrombaut also published six 64 Zoo Lane storybooks based on the series.

  • Why it Made This List: Similar to The Wild Thornberry’s, it was my dream to live next door to a zoo and to be able to interact with the animals as a kid.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

  • Creator: Thomas Astruc

  • Originally Aired: 2015 – present, various networks. Currently on it’s 2nd season.

  • Plot: Another show inspired by ‘Magical Girl’ anime, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir or just Miraculous as it’s more commonly known, focuses on the life of Marinette Dupain-Cheng a French-Chinese teenage girl who lives a double life. When the town of Paris needs her the most she transforms into Ladybug, her superhero persona. She isn’t fighting alone though, another nearby superhero who goes by the name Cat Noir often stops by to assist her. Like all secret superhero shows, Marinette must keep her other identity secret safe from everyone she knows.

  • Additional Info: The show is a French show with influence from parts of Asia found within it. The show is distributed all over the world from the UK, Canada, USA, Europe, Asia & more.

  • Why it Made This List: I saw a lot of people buzzing about this show online so I thought I’d give it a try, it turns out that it’s actually pretty good! If you can look past the fact it’s aimed towards young children, it’s very enjoyable!

Big Hero 6: The Series

  • Based On: Big Hero 6 (2014)

  • Originally Aired: 2017 – present, Disney XD. Currently on it’s 1st season.

  • Plot: Following the events of the feature film, Hiro Hamada is now attending San Fransokyo Institute of Technology; the same as his older brother and his friends did/still do. Hiro makes the decision to rebuild Baymax and so Big Hero 6 can get back to fighting bad guys, whilst balancing a college degree at only 14 years old. The show has a few differences from the original movie but if you look past the technicalities, it’s fine.

  • Additional Info: Just like Tangled: The Series, Big Hero 6: The Series also started off with a TV movie linking the original movie to the new media called Big Hero 6: Baymax Returns. Any fans of Kim Possible reading this will be delighted to find out that Bob Schooley & Mark McCorkle the creators of Kim Possible are in charge of developing the Big Hero 6 series so rest assured, the series has got to be good.

  • Why it Made This List: I’m definitely repeating myself now but basically, fan of the movie = fan of the show.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Creators: John Rogers, Duane Capizzi & Jeff Kline

  • Originally Aired: 2000 – 2005, Cartoon Network. Lasted 5 seasons.

  • Plot: “Jackie Chan, an amateur archeologist, he enjoyed his job working for the local university until fate dealt him another hand. After finding a shield containing a talisman he encounters The Dark Hand, a criminal organisation led by a man called Valmont that serves the demon sorcerer Shendu. Jackie and his family must cooperate with a secret law enforcement organisation, Section 13, to counter the threat, and must face dangers that will demand all of Jackie’s daring and skill in martial arts to overcome.” I had to copy the plot from Wikipedia as I couldn’t remember pretty much ANYTHING about this series.

  • Additional Info: Jackie Chan voices himself in the series as well as acting as executive producer.

  • Why it Made This List: I know I said I couldn’t remember very much about this series but I definitely remember watching and enjoying it!

P-H-E-W. After 3 blog posts, 64 entries, over 9000 words and weeks and weeks of hard work, the list is finally done. No way do I expect everyone to read every single word of each piece however if everyone at least skims it and reads the bits they’re interested in it will all be worth it. If anyone is inspired to create their own list of favourite cartoons make sure to send me a link via Twitter or Instagram (@hopeelizab) as I’d love to see if anyone had a similar taste in cartoons to me!

I’ll list similar posts from me below but you can also find me at nerdoutwordout.com

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