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Aggretsuko – Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2020


Aggretsuko/Aggresive Retsuko is a Sanrio (the folks responsible for Hello Kitty, My Melody, Gudetama, etc.) character turned Netflix series. Retsuko is an anthropomorphic Red Panda who works as an accountant in an office block, she hates her job and pretty much everyone that works there so uses Karaoke as a way to de-stress, not in the way you might think though.

The series began airing on Netflix on the 20th April 2018 and is comprised of 10 episodes that have a run time of around 15 minutes each, so it’s pretty easy to binge this series. Each episode follows Retsuko, a 25 year old red panda who works as an accountant in a large corporation in Japan. As mentioned before, she hates her job. Due to her annoying co-workers, sexist boss or piles and piles of paperwork that she must get through by the end of the day, Retsuko needs a way to release all the rage she keeps bottled up inside of her. So she attends a local Karaoke bar, once inside a private room she lets all her frustration out in the form of various death metal songs. Which looks a little something like this…

Image result for aggretsuko gif

Over the 10 episodes we get a glimpse into Retsuko’s work life, personal life and even love life. The series has a PG rating and although it stays pretty family friendly throughout, it does contain a couple of scenes in which Retsuko goes out drinking with friends, attempts to find romance and even contains a few of curse words too. So maybe consider these things before allowing children to watch it. Don’t be put off by the trailer below being in Japanese, Aggretsuko is available in both Japanese with English subtitles and with English audio too.

Overall the series is exactly to my taste; adorable visuals and characters, in the slice of life genre and hilarious throughout. Aggretsuko perfectly sums up what it can be like for millennial women who work for large corporations in Japan. If you’re fan of the likes of Gudetama, Hello Kitty or simply in need of an escape from your stressful office job then I can’t recommend Aggretsuko enough!

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