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Animated Characters I See Myself In

It's a fairly common thing for fans of a tv show or film to relate to the character's they see on screen. I've been fortunate enough to experience this throughout my entire life so I thought I'd make a list of all the fictional characters I've seen on screen and said "haha, that's me" to.

Disclaimer: The majority of these characters don't really resemble me physically, I usually relate to characters due to their personalities and mannerisms rather than their appearance!

Violet Parr - The Incredibles

Starting with one of the most obvious ones if you know me IRL. I've seen myself in Violet from as young as 9 years old; when the first Incredibles film was released back in 2004. Although Violet behaves like a lot of girls during their teen years, having a character that was shy - so shy in fact that she turned herself invisible - and who goes through a change towards the end of the film which leads to her gaining confidence in the long run really resonated with me; especially during my late teen years. So much so that I dedicated my first tattoo to the character.

Mabel - Gravity Falls

If there's one character that is the actual definition of wholesome, it'll be Mabel Pines from the Disney Channel show Gravity Falls. Mabel's favourite things in life are glitter, cats and her pet pig Waddles. Mabel's naivety and her love of all the cute things in life are is what I relate to the most. I also love her wacky personality, i'm sure all my family and friends will agree that this Gravity Falls short is an accurate representation of how similar Mabel and I are. I also feel like we sort of share a similar fashion sense as I also will choose a funny cat sweater over literally anything else.

Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon

I feel like most women, men, etc. have related to Usagi Tsukino at one point or another in their lives. This clumsy, lazy crybaby has been the face of the Sailor Moon brand since her manga debuted in 1991. When she isn't craving snacks, pining over her high school sweetheart Mamoru or running late for school; Usagi is usually fighting evil by moonlight as her magical girl alter ego Sailor Moon, alongside the other Sailor Guardians. Much like everyone else I feel like I resonate the most with Usagi out of all the sailor scouts due to her klutzy nature, inability to do well in school and dramatic flair.

Retsuko - Aggretsuko

Just like Usagi, I'm sure there are so many people who can relate to office worker Retsuko who often has to repress her immense anger and frustration when at work. Poor Retsuko starts her Netflix series off as a bit of a pushover... taking on too much at work and constantly being disrespected by her boss and co-workers. All of this is bound to put a lot of pressure on her so after work, Retsuko finds a healthy outlet to dispel some of her anger which is performing death metal karaoke. Although I'm yet to take that hobby up, I do feel for Retsuko as I have been in similar situations before. You really do find yourself repressing every urge you have to completely lose your sh*t in the middle of work.

Anna - Frozen

I think that deep down, we all have that one Disney Princess that we relate to more than any of the others. Even more so considering how much more relatable the princesses have become over the last 10 years. Princess Anna from Frozen happens to be my favourite Disney Princess and I think that's mostly down to her goofy personality and the fact a lot of people I know have told me how similar we are. I'm starting to see a bit of a theme with these characters but like Usagi; Anna is also rather clumsy, doesn't always think before she speaks and is always determined to prove people wrong. Much like myself.

Shizuku - Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart was my favourite Studio Ghibli film for a very long time, that is until When Marnie Was There knocked it off top spot back in 2013. I chose to feature Shizuku from Whisper of the Heart over any character from When Marnie Was There due to how much we have in common. For starters; we're both writers, we both like to sing and we both went through phases where we just didn't know what we wanted to do with our lives (this is still sometimes the case with me). Throughout her film Shizuku's confidence in herself begins to grow as she decides to write a story about a cat statue she finds in an antiques store. I feel on some level that I had a similar experience when I started writing for this blog. I found an outlet in which to practice my creativity like Shizuku and The Baron.

Eliza Thornberrry - The Wild Thornberry's

So I may not actually have a gift which enables me to talk to animals - despite what I told everyone as a kid. However I have always had a unique connection with animals just like Eliza, the middle child of eccentric wildlife documentary filmmakers The Thornberry's. I mean you probably wouldn't believe it but I am also probably just as dorky as Eliza and even had the braces, glasses and bright orange hair. Thankfully all at different times! Although I'm probably not as brave and outspoken as Eliza is in the series, I have always idolised her and seen parts of myself in her sweet natured character.

Bee - Bee & Puppycat

If you've seen this short online series, you'll already know exactly how funny this character is. Bee - a 20 something year old - is drifting through life living pay cheque to pay cheque until one day she is fired from the Cat Cafe she works at. On her way home from a day at work she finds Puppycat, not a dog, not a cat but a dogcat hybrid who she decides to take in. Unbeknown to her, Puppycat is actually rather magical and is able to set Bee up with temporary jobs located across the galaxy. I love Bee as surprise surprise she is also super goofy and has been described as "spacey-casey and impulsive" which lets be honest is basically everyone in their early 20s. Including myself!

Tuesday - Carole & Tuesday

Probably the character I resemble the most on this list, Tuesday Simmons comes from the anime series Carole & Tuesday. Tuesday - a teenage runaway living on a terraformed Mars - meets her musical soulmate Carole after running away from her suffocating home to pursue her dream of music. Although my backstory isn't nearly as dramatic, I do also have a history of performing and can sing and play guitar just like Tuesday. Tuesday describes herself as a bit of an airhead and is generally very optimistic. Although she isn't always confident in her own ability, Tuesday is always up for new challenges even if she appears super nervous whilst doing them.

That should just about do it for this post! I'm sure there are so many that I've forgotten to add but these were the first ones that came to mind. I'd love for other people to do their own lists like this and to see what kinds of characters everyone relates to! If you decide to do your own, please tag me on twitter! @hopeelizab, I'd love to see!

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