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Animated Characters Who Are Pure Style Goals

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

This blog series started as a way to get myself out of writers block but has since become one of my favourite things to write about! Following on from Animated Characters Who Have Pure Home Goals and Animated Characters Who Are Pure Hair Goals, here is Animated Characters Who Are Pure Style Goals!

The Cast of Sailor Moon (90s Series)


You’d be hard pressed to find a better example of “style goals” than this one. Okay so, by today’s standards the clothing featured on the left may look a little unorthodox but almost thirty years ago, the Sailor Scouts were the epitome of teen fashion. In all seriousness,  the Sailor Moon anime that ran from 1992 – 1997 provided us with a plethora of iconic looks, all of which I wish I could own in real life.

The Ashley’s – Recess

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I’m sure everyone has encountered their own version of the Ashley’s at least once in their lives. This group of fourth grade girls – made up of Ashley A, Ashley B, Ashley Q and Ashley T – are very consistent with their style. Although on special occasions (as pictured) the girls do get dressed up, they usually wear the same attire and stick with the same colour combinations regardless of the occasion.

Jasmine – Aladdin

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It was pretty hard to narrow it down to just ONE Disney Princess with the best style however Jasmine made the cut due to a few simple reasons. First of all she is one of only a few Disney Princesses that have more than one outfit change throughout their films. She also has the comfiest looking clothes with everything she wears being made of silk or velvet and lets not forget her statement earrings which are paired with every outfit. Lastly, she also rocks a puffy sleeve or two which makes her a guaranteed winner with me!

Alex, Sam & Clover – Totally Spies

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Often hailed as some of the only animated characters with continual outfit changes each episode; Sam, Clover and Alex showcase a number of outfits when not wearing their spy suits. Often sporting crop tops, mini skirts and boots, these three – like the Sailor Scouts – were once the epitome of teen fashion, from the early 2000s at least. They also deserved to be on this list as they also changed their hairstyles throughout the show’s original run, it’s a small detail that probably made the Totally Spies animators work over time but it does make each episode more true to life.

Debbie – The Wild Thornberry’s

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Debbie Thornberry made every early 2000s kids want to dress grunge, before we even knew what grunge was. With her combination of an oversized flannel shirt, crop top, ripped jeans and with hair covering half of her face, Debbie truly encompassed what every kid thought a “teenager” was in the early 2000s. I think it is also important to highlight how great Debbie looked in The Wild Thornberry’s Movie where she sported a high ponytail and wore lighter colours for the majority of the film, taking a small step away from her iconic style.

Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura

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Being a magical girl can be tough, but it does have it’s perks! The main one being the beautiful outfits and transformation scenes that come with the role. For Sakura Kinomoto, her best friend Tomoyo is responsible for creating all of her outfits as well as documenting all of Sakura’s battles. Although Sakura’s outfits depend on the battle, all of them follow similar themes. Most notably: a lot of them feature pink, puffy skirts and other super adorable traits like big bows, animal ears and knee high socks. 

The Cast of As Told By Ginger


Like Sailor Moon & Totally Spies, As Told By Ginger stood out from it’s other Nickelodeon counterparts by giving it’s cast different outfits almost every episode. The thing that further differentiates the series from others is it’s outfit evolution throughout the series. This means that as the characters grow and age, so does their style. As you can see from the picture to your left, each character has their own unique style however all of them have one thing in common which is that rather than the clothes being tight fitting to the character, they hang like a real shirt/blouse/jeans would. This again makes the show seem more authentic.

Kim Possible

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When thinking about Kim Possible, many remember her in her cargo trousers, cropped shirt and gloves. There are however many other outfits that Kim has worn, including – my favourite – her school dance dress worn in the movie Kim Possible: So the Drama. During the every-day though Kim can usually be found wearing a cheer leading uniform or some kind of shirt and baggy trouser combo. It can be universally agreed though that Kim can make any outfit work.

Daphne – Scooby Doo

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Look, I know the cast of Scooby-Doo has essentially worn the same outfits for the past 50 years however with each incarnation of the series, small details have changed – although the colour schemes usually stay the same. As the most fashion conscious of the group, Daphne has always had impeccable style, whether she’s wearing pyjamas, every day clothes, occasion wear or even a swimsuit, Daphne has always stuck with the colours she knows; purple, pink and green. You can’t blame a girl for knowing what colours work for her.

Howl – Howl’s Moving Castle

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At first I struggled to think of one Studio Ghibli character that should make this list, until I remembered Howl and the choice was obvious. As a wizard, Howl has his choice of apparel as it’s as simple as just magicking up a new outfit. As seen in the film, Howl also goes through a number of hair colours including blonde, black and auburn. Howl’s signature style is made up of a loose fitting blouse tucked into high waisted trousers and usually a colourful cape, accompanied with minimalist jewellery. Although Howl’s style can be considered as almost feminine that doesn’t stop him from being the most desired wizard in town.

And so ends another edition to my ‘pure goals’ blog series, as always if you want to do your own version of any of the lists in this series, feel free! I look forward to hearing everyone else’s ideas!

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