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Animated Characters Who Have Pure Home Goals

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Okay so, I like to bring this topic out when I officially run out of ideas. Similar to my Animated Characters who are Pure Hair Goals post, in this post I’ll be highlighting some of the best set design found within animation.

Kim Possible’s House

kim possible house.png

When she isn’t saving the world, Kim Possible can be found in one of 3 places; School, Bueno Nacho and her family home. I decided to feature Kim’s house in this list as although it features the regular things found in the 21st century family home, it also incorporates 1950s inspired decor. I remember thinking it was so cool that Kim’s bedroom was in the loft too, turns out I would end up in a loft room a mere 15 years later myself!

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

fosters home for imaginary friends house.png

A home that houses hundreds of imaginary friends has to have it’s quirks and this house has plenty. This house borrows from various styles including Victorian and Gothic and features a bright colour pallet inside. The house includes hundreds of rooms such as bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, foyer, an office as well as plenty of secret trapdoors and passages hidden throughout. I adore this house so much that I actually have it tattooed on my leg!

The Parr’s Temporary Residence

incredz house.png

After their home is destroyed by a jet at the end of The Incredibles, the Parr family need a new place to call home. After agreeing to work for Winston Deavor, their new employer offers one of his houses to them. Described as once belonging to “an eccentric billionaire who liked to come and go, without being seen” the house has multiple hidden exits and hideaways. Similar to Kim Possible and a theme found throughout the Incredibles films, this house – as well as pretty much everything else in this world – features a 1950s style and can clearly be identified in the photos above.

Rilakkuma & Kaoru’s House

r k house.png

A change from the mansions previously featured on this list, is now Rilakkuma & Kaoru’s adorable studio apartment. As the series Rilakkuma & Kaoru (2019) is hand crafted stop motion animation, everything in this apartment looks soft and so cosy. The series is also set in Japan so viewers are able to spot plenty of Japanese home items throughout the house such as a kotatsu and others. Although the space is small and has it’s faults, it’s just about right for Kaoru and her three friends Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori.

Sosuke’s House


I was spoilt for choice when choosing my favourite Studio Ghibli house however decided to go for Sosuke’s house due to it’s location. As you can see, it literally rests upon the top of a cliff, overlooking the ocean. This works out well for Sosuke and his mum as Sosuke’s father is the captain of a fishing boat, and can sometimes be seen from the top floor of the house. In typical Ghibli fashion, everything in the house looks tangible and so cosy, I can’t imagine a nicer place to live! That is if you are okay with coastal erosion.

Lilo & Nani’s House

lilo house.png

As a kid (and maybe still now) I was convinced that I wanted to live in Hawaii just to have a house like Lilo and Nani’s. The house sports a rustic look that features mainly hand crafted wooden decor and is positioned hidden in the Hawaiian greenery, on top of stilts. If you’ve seen Lilo & Stitch, you know that this house receives a renovation towards the end of the film, which includes an extension so that all of Stitch’s alien companions can move in. Who could want more?!

Blue’s House

blues clues.png

Whether your Blue’s Clues featured Kevin, Steve, Joe or anyone else; it’s safe to say that the charm of Blue’s Clues has never been effected. This may be due in part to the scrap-book aesthetic of the show. As demonstrated in the photos above, everything has a felt-feel to it from flooring, to furniture and even some of the characters themselves. I remember the set design being my favourite thing about this show, it used to be so exciting when the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom appeared as it felt like there was still so much of this house to explore!

Mirai & Kun’s House


One of the many highlight’s of Mamoru Hosoda’s 2018 masterpiece Mirai is the set design, and Mirai and Kun’s family home is no exception. When your dad is an architect, it is almost a given that your house will be the best on the block and this house does not disappoint. The house features modern decor and is laid out in a tiered fashion, with the garden positioned in the middle of the foundation. This house is spacious and minimalist whilst still feeling warm and lived in.

Rapunzel’s Tower

rapunzel's tower.png

Okay so I know technically, being locked in a tower against your will for 18 years isn’t exactly anyone’s “home goals” but what Rapunzel does with the limited space makes many of us wish we had her home… albeit with the addition of a very long ladder. This tower is especially inviting as it’s terracotta bricks and wooden features give it a warm feel and it’s middle of the forest location may be desirable for those of us on the less sociable side…

The Sewers


I mean I know the sewers isn’t EXACTLY a desirable location to live in but Donnie, Raph, Leo and Mikey make it work. Not only have they converted their part of the sewers so that it features things like a kitchen, place to play video games and a science lab but also a tyre swing, pinball machine and a fully functioning Dōjō to enhance their ninja skills. I don’t know about you but this seems like a pretty cool place to hang out… if you can get over the smell that is.

That’s all for now! It’s a total coincidence but my last post was published a month today, so I felt like I needed to put something out there – even if it turned out to be a bit of a “fluff piece”.  I do have a few ideas in the works so hopefully I will begin to post more frequently again soon.

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