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Creating My Perfect Animal Crossing Game

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

As I mentioned before in my other Animal Crossing post on nerdoutwordout.com and in podcasts, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing for just over 10 years now. From the GameCube game, to the DS, to the Wii and now onto the 3DS (i’m not counting the Wii U spin off game). Over the years, a lot of features were added/dropped from console to console so I decided to add up all my favourite features of each game to make the perfect animal crossing game.

Disclaimer: I chose not to include Animal Crossing on the GameCube as I played it so long ago and not for very long that I don’t remember many of it’s unique features.

My Favourite Features of Wild World (DS)

As the first Animal Crossing game I ever played, Wild World will always have a special place in my heart. A lot of the features in this list are probably here due to nostalgia.

  • Attic Save Feature: I’m not 100% sure why I like this feature as it’s essentially giving you more work to do but I liked having a little room in which to sort things out. You’re able to save here, use the phone to change the time/date and play around with other settings. I was a little sad that it didn’t make a return in New Leaf.

  • The Recycling Bin: Found in the Town Hall, the recycling bin can sometimes be the best place to find those items you’ve been looking for. I can’t remember if this was actually true or not but I remember hearing a rumour that if you wanted a piece of furniture that one of your villagers had; if you sent them a letter containing a replacement to the piece of furniture you’re after, you’ll find the furniture you want in the recycling bin a few days later! However, this never seemed to work for me, they’d just keep BOTH pieces of furniture.

  • Message in a bottle: finding one of these wash up on your beach was the most exciting thing in Wild World, the only ones I can remember are someone asking for Apples…?

  • Nookingtons: Nookingtons can actually be found in the GameCube game, Wild World and City Folk! but I’ve decided to add it here as I’ll probably have a lot to say in the City Folk portion of this post. Nookingtons is the last upgrade of Nook’s store, inside of Nookingtons you’ll find 2 floors of tools, furniture and even a hairdressers! which was pretty exciting back when you had to wait a long time to change your appearance.

  • Constellations: Again, constellations were a thing in City Folk but they were better in Wild World. For one, you could draw and design your own constellations on the touch screen and two, since you had two screens when you walked around at night the entire top screen would be a sky full of constellations. I remember shaping mine to look like different animals so I’d have a dog constellation, a cat, a rabbit and so on.

  • Brewster: AND AGAIN, this is the same as in City Folk as the game didn’t change that dramatically from Wild World. Brewster and The Roost were added to Animal Crossing in Wild World. If you haven’t played Wild World or City Folk, Brewster basically owns a cafe in the bottom floor of the museum and K.K Slider; the guitar playing dog plays live acoustic shows there every Saturday at 8pm. Brewster does appear in New Leaf too but in a slightly different form.

  • Soundtrack: Okay, this one is purely due to nostalgia. I might be wrong here but I’m pretty sure they kept the soundtrack from Wild World and reused it in City Folk? Every hourly song brings back flashbacks from my childhood, I love it so much that I actually use the songs as my alarm tones so if I have to get up at 8am, I’ll use the song for 8am and the same for 5am, 6am, 7am and so on!

My Favourite Features of City Folk (Wii)

If I had to pick one Animal Crossing game as my favourite, it would be City Folk. Wild World has a special place in my heart due to it being my first Animal Crossing game but City Folk was so much more fun. Whenever I hear the City music, I automatically get flashbacks of the Christmas Day that I got the game.

  • The City: the main new attraction in this game was having an extra area to explore. The city was full of many different stores from Gracie’s designer clothes store, an auction house to sell the items you don’t want anymore, a hairdressers and more!

  • Kicks: Kicks is a regular in New Leaf but he was first introduced in City Folk. He sits on the steps in the city and shines shoes for 500 bells, this changes the type and colour of the players shoes which had never been done before.

  • The Theatre: in New Leaf, Dr. Shrunk; the expression teaching Axolotl can be found in Club LOL however, he has his own theatre in City Folk! You have to buy a ticket from the box office and once inside you’ll find yourself sitting in the audience with various other villagers whilst Dr. Shrunk acts out the emotion that you’ll then learn yourself. I mean, it’s a lot of effort to go to just to learn an emotion but a bit of fun, none the less.

  • Balloons: Another useless but fun feature in City Folk are balloons! you can get balloons, pinwheels and bubble wands from a cart run by yet another new character introduced in City Folk, Phineas the Sea Lion! They don’t do much but players can hold them in their hands and interact with them the same way you can with equipment.

  • The Bus: Similar to the boat in New Leaf, City Folk had a bus. The bus took you to the city and was driven by Kapp’n. Just like in New Leaf where he’ll sing on the way there and back, in City Folk, Kapp’n will talk non stop! it’s a little slow but I thought the idea of a bus was cute.

  • Letters to other towns: With the help of Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, if you had friend’s codes registered, you could send letters from your town all the way to your friend’s letter box! It was great fun! I remember it taking a couple of days to send though, much like in real life!

  • Blanca: Another cool thing that Wi-Fi helps with is Blanca. Blanca is a white cat with no face... that’s right, NO FACE. She travels from town to town asking for players to draw her a face, so if you draw her a face, she’ll turn up in your friend’s town with that face a few weeks later! She’ll ask your friend to draw her a face too and so the cycle continues.

  • Katie and Kaitlin: Similar to Blanca, Katie is a cat that randomly appears in your town in City Folk (then again in New Leaf). Katie is a small kitten who arrives in your town because she’s lost her mother Kaitlin who is in one of your friends towns. It’s your job to get her through your town, to the town gates and into your friends town. This is a fun feature and it encourages you to connect online more but BOY CAN IT BE STRESSFUL. Katie turns up crying and she trips over a lot if you start running whilst leading her towards the gates, so that breaks my heart. It also requires your friend to be online at the same time, with their gates open. As I was playing City Folk at the age of 12, my friends were 12/13 too, this meant if their siblings were already playing the Wii or if their parents were already using the TV, etc. They couldn’t get online so you had to tell Katie that you couldn’t reunite her with her mother so she cried MORE. It’s very sad if you weren’t able to do it straight away.

My Favourite Features of New Leaf (3DS)

I remember being so unbelievably excited for a new Animal Crossing game, it was quite a step up from the other games and a lot of people became interested in it. I believe due to New Leaf’s growing popularity, there’s now more fans of the Animal Crossing franchise than ever before!

  • The Town Tree: I thought this was a cute little feature added to New Leaf, I love how it’s planted on your first day in town and gradually gets bigger and changes through the different seasons. I also love sitting on the edge of the tree boarder and watching the credits roll, it’s a nice subtle way of getting the credits in.

  • Swimming and Diving: I remember when I first saw the trailer for New Leaf and I saw that you could go swimming and diving, I was going out of my mind. I had been wishing for something similar to come to Animal Crossing for a long time. I mean, I don’t exactly enjoy swimming or diving but I like having the freedom to do it.

  • The Island: I know, I know. “but the Island isn’t new for New Leaf! It was available on the GameCube!” sure, but you needed a Gameboy Advance to access it. In New Leaf, the island is a bit more accessible, by boat! There isn’t too much to the island but there is exclusive furniture, bugs and fish to collect there. I also enjoy all the tours (mini games) you can play with your friends in person or via Wi-Fi connection.

  • The Dream Suite: What a clever idea the dream suite was. It gives you the ability to visit random towns from all over the world without ruining anything or taking anything of theirs (again, Wi-Fi permitting). It’s nice to get inspiration from others.

  • Diverse Villagers: As every Animal Crossing game grows, so does it’s population! as well as your usual: bears, elephants, dogs and cats; we now have a dragon, a unicorn, deer and hamsters as available villagers!

  • More Villagers: Another subtle but helpful addition includes the number of villagers available to live in your town at one time. I think you used to only be able to have 7 or 8? However it’s now 10. Another cool thing relating to villagers in New Leaf is prior warning to whose moving in, you’ll see a small plot of land sectioned off with a sign post listing who is set to move in that spot in a few days. The only annoying thing is you can’t stop them if it’s a villager you don’t like!

  • House Customisation: If I remember rightly, the only kind of personalising you could do to the outside of your house previously in Animal Crossing was painting your roof a certain colour in City Folk? However, now in New Leaf you can change the door, the roof, the fence, the colour/pattern of your house and even the colour of the stones beneath your house! There’s an entire shop dedicated to these changes run by Mr. Nook himself!

  • Rearranging Furniture Easily: Borrowed from my other love: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. Recently, the Animal Crossing developers created a new way in which to rearrange the furniture in your house. Instead of you pushing and pulling each individual piece into place, you can now pick up and move the items from a birds eye view so you can easily tell where something would fit and where others wouldn’t, it’s been a long time coming but I’m glad it’s here now.

So there you have it! All of my favourite features from past instalments which I would like to see in a new Animal Crossing game! If Nintendo gets hold of this and decides to follow my ideas, I demand royalties! Stay tuned for possibly more Animal Crossing related posts here and on nerdoutwordout.com.

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