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Isle of Dogs: The Exhibition

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

As many of you probably know due to the fact you’re a fan of Wes Anderson or simply due to all of the advertising that’s plastered around, a new stop-motion animation film called Isle of Dogs is set to release in 2 days time. As part of the promotion for the film, a small exhibition and noodle bar were set up in London to showcase the puppets and sets used in the film. As a HUGE enthusiast of stop-motion animation techniques and dogs I just had to attend!

Here’s how my day went.

I arrived at The Store (the exhibition place) at around 1pm and headed straight in. It’s free entry so anyone is welcome to take a look inside. As soon as I walk in to my right is a small stand with who I believe to be Spot from the film.

In front of me as I walked in was a large desk where I can take information leaflets and free Isle of Dogs postcards. To my right is a strict path to follow which featured amazing themed murals were decorated on each wall.

Once I had passed the murals, I stepped through a curtain and entered the town of ‘Megasaki City’- the fictional city of which the film is set. I wish I could have taken a better picture but there were so many people around it proved to be rather difficult but the noodle bar was literally built to replicate the film set, you’ll hopefully see what I mean.

We decided to look around the exhibition before getting noodles as like I said, it was pretty busy! To the left of the noodle bar was another area in which all of the puppets and sets were displayed, the score of the film played as you walked around each room. I’ll include pictures of the majority of the sets below.


As you can see the sets were all beautifully presented and lit meaning you can’t even tell that they’re photos I took and not screen-caps of the actual film! (that is if they were slightly better quality)All of the sets were pretty much located in one room and honestly, it took me like 10 minutes to get around them all, I took photos of pretty much all of them apart from 1 or 2 that were too busy to get close to.

Once I was done looking around, it was time for ramen! This was almost the most exciting part of the trip trying authentic Japanese ramen, the only catch is; there were only 2 options to choose from. Chicken or vegetarian, which wasn’t a problem for me however I can’t help but think about people who don’t like chicken, vegetarian was your only other option. For those of you who may be wondering, sorry but I’m not sure if the vegetarian option is also vegan. So bare that in mind if you’re vegan and choose to go and eat there. The other problem with eating at the exhibition is that there wasn’t much space to sit down, like I keep saying it was busy and there were only 3 large benches and 1 small one worth of seating arrangement. The large benches could fit around 6-7 people on and even then you were literally touching elbows with the stranger sat next to you. It wasn’t that bad, luckily I spotted a gap and got a table and was able to eat but I couldn’t help but wonder what you’d do if your food came and there wasn’t anywhere to sit?

The good news is the ramen was so tasty! I’ve had many different types of ramen before and the Isle of Dogs exhibition ramen is up there with my favourites. Sadly I forgot to take a photo of it before I had started eating so here it is not looking as presentable as it once did.

I had a great time at the exhibition and don’t regret travelling to see it at all, it was honestly a magical experience. To end I’ll just note a few points for you to consider if you’re hoping to attend the Isle of Dogs exhibition.

  • Crowds – if you’re not good with crowds I suggest heading there as it opens or as it’s closing as it can get a little busy.

  • Food – Like I mentioned before, there’s only 2 options: chicken ramen or vegetarian ramen, bare this in mind if you’re a fussy eater or vegan.

  • Expenses – Although the exhibition itself is free, everything inside is on the expensive side. The ramen was £10 each and you can see the size of the portion above, I didn’t even get a drink and it was still £10. Merchandise was also rather expensive, I’m not sure if pricing is down to the venue or the event organisers but a simple printed T-shirt was £40. So bare that in mind too if you’re watching your money.

  • Seating – Like I said, 3 benches in which to eat ramen at and ramen isn’t always a quick dish to eat if you can’t use chop sticks. They may have supplied knives and forks however I couldn’t see any. So you may be waiting around ages for a seat and when you do get a seat you’re practically sitting on a strangers lap to eat. It wasn’t too bad in my experience however if you’re not comfortable with tight spaces and crowds, bare that in mind.

The exhibition is running from the 23rd March – 5th April 2018 at The Studio in London & Isle of Dogs released on the 30th March 2018.

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