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Mothers of Animation Appreciation Post (Happy Mother’s Day!)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Happy Mothers Day to the UK today and to my mum especially! If animation has taught us anything, it’s to always appreciate your mother (can anyone watch the scene in Rugrats in Paris with Chuckie’s mum without crying? NO it’s impossible!).

So to celebrate today, I have compiled a list of all the best mums in animation.

Queen Iduna – Frozen

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Although her screen time is cut short in the first Frozen (2013) film, Iduna receives a little more spotlight in its sequel Frozen II (2019). As it turns out, her past has more to do with Anna and Elsa’s future than they realise. Focusing on Anna and

Elsa’s childhood though, we can see Queen Iduna was a doting mother to her two children as evidenced at the start of Frozen II when she sings the All is Found lullaby to young Anna and Elsa. Heck, she even sacrificed her own life crossing the ocean to find answers for Elsa. You can’t get much more of a doting Mother than that!

Sariatu – Kubo and the Two Strings

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Due to her difficult past, Kubo’s mother Sariatu has become very ill. Meaning she spends  every day a bit of a zombie, unable to speak or care for herself. Therefore Kubo has to care for her and earn money for them whilst the sun is up. After sunset though, Sariatu regains consciousness and becomes the Mother Kubo used to know. As we can see in this scene, she comes alive when telling Kubo stories about his late father and becomes troubled when she can’t remember every detail – proving that she only wants the best for Kubo. Not to mention everything she does as Monkey.

Valka – How To Train Your Dragon 2 & 3

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I know what you’re thinking “didn’t Valka leave her only child and husband for like 20 years to go and live with a bunch of dragons?” CORRECT. However, once Valka returned to Berk, she became the mother Hiccup always wanted. Not only did she adapt to Berkian life very quickly again, she was also stood by Hiccup and supported him during his father’s untimely death and Hiccup’s transition to becoming Chief of Berk. Valka also forged a unique bond with her son due to a combined love of dragons. Essentially, I think she managed to make up for the time she missed.

Marge Simpson – The Simpsons

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You have to be a pretty strong woman to be the mother of THE Bart Simpson. After everything her kids have put her through, from ruining Christmas for their family, tricking the entire town into thinking that there was a young boy stuck down a well, ruining the family BBQ or getting a restraining order against their own family – Marge’s love for her family has never faltered. This is my favourite Marge as a mother moment and I think it is why so many people love her.

Yasuko Kusakabe – My Neighbor Totoro

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Similar to Kubo, Satsuki and Mei’s mother is sick. During My Neighbour Totoro; she resides in a hospital in the countryside. This is how the girls and their father end up moving to a remote village, to better accommodate for their mother. Although we see little of Yasuko as the majority of the film is set at home, what we do see of her she is a kind and sensitive mother to her two girls. It is also important to highlight what a good Father Tatsuo is to his daughters too, especially during this turbulent time.

Linda Belcher – Bob’s Burgers

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I don’t think there is another mother on this list that I can compare to Linda Belcher as she is literally one of a kind. I can’t recall another mother in any show that is as understanding and accommodating to her kids as much as Linda. She is a personal cheerleader to all 3 of her kids, has helped them and supported them through every embarrassing mishap they (Tina) have had. To further prove this, just watch this compilation video.

Kala – Tarzan

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This is a bit of an unorthodox entry as this mother/child relationship transcends species. If you are familiar with the story of Tarzan, you know that Tarzan’s birth parents unfortunately died due to a leopard encounter after being shipwrecked in the jungle. This leaves baby Tarzan alone in the tree house his family built. This was until gorilla Kala, finds him after the death of her own baby. Heavy stuff right? But as you can see from this clip, Kala is a doting mother to her hairless adopted son and continues to defend and fight for him throughout his life in the jungle.

Lois Foutley – As Told By Ginger

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You know I said that no one could compare to Linda Belcher? Well Lois Foutley kind of falls into a similar vein. A modern mum who even when I was a kid, represented how every mother should be. Kind, understanding but doesn’t take any crap either! Not only was As Told By Ginger such an important show when it came to the kind of issues teens deal with, it also had such real, relateable characters and Lois was one of them. Just watch this clip of Lois giving Ginger some life advice and you will understand where I’m coming from.

Nani Pelekai – Lilo & Stitch

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Like some of the other mothers on this list, Nani didn’t intend to become her younger sister’s parental figure. As we know, mothers and families can be forged in many different ways. In this example, after the death of their parents, 19 year old Nani isn’t worrying about the normal trivial things teenagers typically worry about but instead worries about if Lilo is getting on at school okay, how she will put food on the table when she loses her job, if social services will try to take her sister away and much more. Even with all this stress Nani still agrees to get Lilo a “dog” just so she isn’t lonely anymore. All of this makes her a pretty great mother figure in my eyes! You can see proof of this here. 

Helen Parr – The Incredibles

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Speaking of super mums, here is a SUPER mum! Helen Parr aka Elastigirl is at the top of her game at the start of The Incredibles. After 15 years and 3 kids later, Helen has adjusted well to family life, unlike her restless husband. Although Helen can come across strict at times, she has good reason to be! Her kids have abilities nobody else has and someone has to keep them in check. She does have a sensitive side though as seen in this scene, where she becomes the beacon of hope her kids need at that difficult time. What an INCREDIBLE mum…I’m sorry.

Yoriko Sasaki – When Marnie Was There

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Caring for a teenager is never easy. Especially one who is dealing with some trauma, in this case that teenager is Anna and her adoptive mother is Yoriko. Anna suffers with anxiety and often feels that she is on the outside, she also suffers with asthma and is sick with it a lot. To help her heal over the summer and breathe some fresh air, Yoriko sends Anna to live with family friends in the countryside. Although we don’t see Yoriko again until the end of the film, it is obvious how much she loves Anna. We see Yoriko sending Anna off with pre-stamped postcards so she can write home and sending her things over the summer. Everything she does for Anna comes from a place of love and who can fault her for that.

That should just about do it for the animated mum appreciation! Whatever your situation is, I hope you are able to celebrate the special people in your life this Mother’s Day. Have a good one!

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