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My Top 10 Favourite Disney Animated TV Shows

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

To follow the pattern of my last post, here’s another Disney animation post! (I’m going to turn into a Disney blogger, I know it). This time, I’ve decided to cover Disney animated TV shows! This means any cartoons shown on Disney Channel, Disney XD, Toon Disney, etc. Over the years. 

note: I apologise for the quality of some of the videos used in this post, turns out shows that were released from 1998-2004 don’t always have the best screen grabs!

10. Lloyd in Space

Lloyd in Space premiered on Toon Disney in 2001 and was created by Joe Ansolabehere and Paul Germain, who also created another Disney's Recess! I can’t say that I can remember a stand out episode of Lloyd in Space other than the Halloween special which my sisters and I try to watch every year; but none the less, this is a great cartoon. The premise of this show follows Lloyd Nebulon a green alien who lives in the Intrepidville Space Station with his mother, sister and small group of friends, some of which are aliens, some are human and some are even robots. The episodes simply follow his day to day life and the trouble in which he gets himself into. Much like every entry on this list, if you’re able to get a hold of a few episodes of this show, give it a try!

9. 101 Dalmatians – The Series

This series ran for 2 seasons on Toon Disney and originally ran from 1997 – 1998. It follows from where the original 1961 film left off so Anita and Roger are moving all 101 Dalmatians (instead of returning the puppies to their original owners) to their new home, a large farm in the country side; their ‘Dalmatian Plantation’ as Anita and Roger call it.  The show focuses on 3 of the 99 puppies: Lucky, Cadpig & Roly Poly as well as their new chicken friend on the farm Spot. The series follows the generic animated tv show formula with the main characters getting into trouble and finding their way out of it again by the end of each episode, this is a good show to watch when you need to pass time but don’t expect a continuous one plot story line with this one.

8. Star vs the Forces of Evil

A modern entry on this list, Star vs the Forces of Evil was first released in 2015 on Disney XD and has just been renewed for a 4th season. The story focuses on Star, a magical princess from another dimension who has a passion in fighting monsters. Star is sent to do essentially a foreign exchange on Earth where she lives with the Diaz family consisting of 14 year old Marco and his parents. She attends a normal high school and this somehow helps with her magic training? But if you’ve seen even the smallest part of this show you’re aware of how wild Star can be so this isn’t smooth sailing for Star or her new best friend Marco, who are often caught up in inter dimensional drama whilst fighting a monster or two. I love this show primarily for Star’s goofy, often strange personality and the occasional Sailor Moon reference that's thrown in. This show is still airing on Disney XD so catch an episode or two while you can!

7. American Dragon: Jake Long

Another blast from the past on this list; American Dragon! First aired in 2005 on Disney Channel and Toon Disney, this show was on a lot in my house back then, my younger sisters were big fans. This show centres on Jake Long, a teenage boy living in New York City who has the ability (like his grandfather and sister) to turn into a dragon, he has to balance living a normal life going to school, having friends, etc but also protecting the secret magical creatures of New York. This show is great fun, it’ funny and entertaining, one for all ages!

watch the shows intro here

6. Recess


Adored by many, Recess is one of the earliest Disney shows that I can remember. This was also on a lot during my childhood, I must have seen every episode by now. Originally aired in 1997, it has aired on Toon Disney, Disney Channel and Disney XD. It ran for 6 seasons. This show was so successful it also spawned 2 feature length TV movies! Recess: School’s Out and Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade. The story centres around 6 fourth graders (year 5’s to us English folk or just kids between the ages of 9-10) and the adventures they go on during their breaks throughout the school day. The 6 kids are; T.J Detweiler: who is seen as the leader of the group, Ashley Spinelli: the tough guy, tomboy of the group, Vince LaSalle: the athletic kid of the group, Gretchen Grundler: the typical geek of the group, Mikey Blumberg: the well mannered theatre kid of the group and Gus Griswald: the new kid. This series is so good, the Halloween episode makes an appearance in my house every Halloween, it’s great! Although this isn’t running on tv anymore, if you can, CHECK THIS SHOW OUT.

watch the shows intro here

5. Disney’s Hercules – The Animated Series


I’m a big fan of Disney’s Hercules so of course I enjoyed the tv series! I only watched a handful of episodes when this was originally aired on Toon Disney back in 1998 but I’ve since watched more episodes in later life. The series acts like more of a prequel to the original film and is set during Hercules training years. The show simply focuses on Hercules in high school where he’s training to be a hero, helping out the gods and learning lessons with his friends Cassandra and Icarus. The thing that always gets me though is the fact that Hercules and Hades often interact in the tv series, if you think back to the film; Hades is under the impression that Hercules was killed until he finds out he wasn’t when Hercules is 18 years old so why is he talking to him at 16?! I guess any excuse to get James Woods to return to the role. Still though, this is a fun series, it’s similar to the other movie spin off tv series e.g. Aladdin tv series & The Little Mermaid tv series.

watch the shows intro here

4. Gravity Falls


What can I say about Gravity Falls, it has a pretty big following now so you could say it’s pretty successful seeing as it only ran for 2 seasons on Disney XD starting in 2012. This cryptic, sometimes creepy show focuses on twins Dipper and Mabel Pines who are sent to spend the summer with their Grandad? Uncle? Great Uncle? Grunkle Stan, who lives in Gravity Falls, Oregon and runs a tourist gift shop/museum full of the unexplained. Chaos ensues and Dipper and Mabel spend the summer investigating the mysteries of Gravity Falls from the likes of mermaids & gnomes to demons and unicorns? The series however takes a dark, intricate turn with a well thought out story unfolding as you watch. This series is amazing and it deserves all the credit it gets for making a tv show “for kids” that isn’t dumbed down. I’ve recommended this show to quite a few people and every time they become obsessed, either creator Alex Hirsh has brainwashing capabilities or this show is addictive.

watch the shows intro here

3. Lilo & Stitch – The Series


Another film that was then turned into a tv series on this list is Lilo & Stitch! I remember watching a lot of this as some of you may or may not know, Lilo & Stitch is again one of my favourite Disney movies! The series focuses on the events that happen after Stitch! The Movie, Lilo and Stitch now spend their days finding the other 625 experiments created by Jumba, turning them good and finding a place for them to live just as Lilo had previously done with Stitch. The series ran for 2 seasons on Disney Channel spanning over 65 episodes from 2003 – 2006, it ended with the release of the tv film Leroy & Stitch, the final film in the franchise. I remember there being a lot of cross over episodes with this series (4 in total) including episodes involving the characters from; American Dragon, The Proud Family, Kim Possible & Recess. I wish I could remember more about this show but I only remember the incredibly catchy theme song and a few themes of each episode, I think it’s pretty hard to track down these days but the show shall live on in my heart forever.

watch the shows intro here

2. Kim Possible


Who doesn’t love Kim Possible?! I watched so so much of this as a kid, I can still remember so many episodes, I actually accidentally came across an episode last night showing on Disney Channel at around 8/9pm! I couldn’t believe that they still aired it! Kim Possible ran for sadly only 4 seasons from 2002 – 2007 on Disney Channel and Toon Disney. Similar to Jake Long in American Dragon; Kim Possible is a normal teenager trying to balance school  life, family life, a social life, oh and saving the world. It’s pretty imPOSSIBLE how she manages to find the time if you ask me. I’d love for Disney to bring this back on day but I just don’t think it would be the same, I also challenge you to find ANYONE that doesn’t get the theme song to this show stuck in their head for the rest of their lives. I can’t stress enough how good this show is, the movies that came from this series are also AMAZING. I realised after watching the surprise episode of this last night how much I love the background art in this show, the characters are surrounded by line art however the backgrounds are made up of shapes and colours that still show exactly where the scene is set, I can’t praise the team behind this show enough!

watch the shows incredibly catchy intro here

1. The House of Mouse


The House of Mouse is a slightly different show compared to the others on this list as it’s technically just a way of showcasing short cartoons through another show. The premise of The House of Mouse is this; Mickey owns a restaurant/theatre where characters from many different Disney films (from The Little Mermaid, Hercules, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) come to eat and watch cartoons starring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto. The show aired on Toon Disney from 2001 – 2003 and I loved it. There was something so magical about seeing your favourite Disney characters pop up for brief intervals in between the cartoons shown, you’d also recognise other Disney characters popping up that work in the House of Mouse like Max Goof as a valet attendant, Pete as the club’s landlord, Huey, Duey and Louie as the in house band, the list goes on! there isn’t much of a plot to this show but it’s nice to have a show that is simply short cartoons that don’t require much concentration. I wish this would come back too, I think it was a genius idea!

watch this shows intro here

So there you have it! a list of my favourite Disney cartoons! Hopefully some of the entries on this list gave you a hit of nostalgia, I know it did for me! hopefully I’ll move on from Disney posts for a little while as I want to keep it varied here. However if you enjoy my Disney posts, have a look at the post I did for nerdoutwordout.com on live action Disney remakes. If you have no idea what nerdoutwordout.com is, take a look at the post before this one to see what I’ve been up to!

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