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Nostalgia Hour: Toy Edition

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I’ve been reminiscing lately (when aren’t I?) about the toys that I grew up playing with. So I’ve decided to list them in a blog post so others can get nostalgic with me! As a child of the late 90s – early 2000s, a lot of the toys in this list would have come from that time so sorry 80s kids; don’t expect to see much of the likes of Transformers or Cabbage Patch Kids here!

Littlest Pet Shop

I know I’m going to end up saying this a lot in this pot but I had A LOT of Littlest Pet Shop toys. I used to ask for the latest play set each birthday/Christmas and eventually ended up with the ‘Biggest Littlest Pet Shop Playset‘, the ‘Whirl Around Playground‘ & the ‘Littlest Pet Shop Little Lovin’ Pet Playhouse‘ along with a butt-tonne of pets. I have a lot of memories playing with these toys by myself, with friends and with my sisters. I wish I still had them but like most childhood toys, you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone!

Puppy in my Pocket

This memory is a little more vague but I do remember collecting these from the ages of maybe 8-12? I think I got my first one as a free gift with a magazine and then became hooked. I believe they came in packs of 2 – 3 in like a blind bag so I had a lot of repeats or the same dog but in different colours. My favourite memory of this franchise goes back to being in year 5 or 6 of primary school, there was a girl I was sort of friends with who was leaving our school and she was known for storing several Puppy in my Pocket’s in her classroom drawer. On her last day, she randomly gave me all of the puppies she kept in there. My life was made.


Image result for tamagotchi white yellow

Oh, the memories I have of the Tamagotchi. I’ve had 3 Tamagotchi’s in my life, I think I got my first one at around 9 years old? Possibly younger and it was the exact one pictured above. One day I lost it and was heartbroken, next Christmas I got a purple translucent one to replace it and very shortly after found my original one down the side of the sofa… so I had two! The last one I got was when I was around 18 for nostalgia’s sake. I remember sneaking it into school until they were banned, so I had to rely on my mum to care for my virtual pet whilst I was away. I miss the 1st/2nd gen Tamagotchi’s so much!!

The Dog – McDonald’s Toys


These probably wouldn’t count if it wasn’t for the amount I had. It got to the point where I would pay £1 just for the toy without the Happy Meal, I loved them so much. They had little key rings attached to each dog so I would clip a different dog onto my school uniform every day. I also subscribed to The Dog magazine which came out a little while after this, which included a slightly better quality plush dog in every issue. I think they did another series of these toys at McDonald’s a year or so later that I also went mad for.

Polly Pocket

Related image

As I come from a family who has always loved a car boot, I again had an awful lot of Polly Pockets. They didn’t always have all the pieces and none of them were brand new but I loved these little play sets! I had a couple larger ones too like the Disney Cinderella castle and a wedding chapel too. Polly Pocket has gone through many changes over the years and so we also had various different iterations of Polly in our house due to my younger sisters. We also had the 10cm tall Polly Pocket characters with the rubber clothes which were again, probably from a car boot sale.

My Little Pony

Related image

I know I said at the start that I won’t be including 80s toys but this is an exception! I think I had the majority of my ponies at the age of like 6? And again, they were all from car boot sales (hence the fact I only had Gen 1 Ponies which were first released in the 1980s). I used to play with a lot of them in the bath as a kid and this resulted in one becoming lost under the bath/floor boards one day. I actually only managed to retrieved this lost pony around 2 years ago! The things it would have seen down there…

Animal Hospital

Related image

There is definitely a theme beginning to emerge here but here’s another animal related toy. I had quite a few Animal Hospital play sets both second hand and brand new. Including: animal ambulances, vet hospitals, RSPCA vans, animal rescue boats, stables and so much more! I also had a large storage box full of so many mix and match plastic animals (this is also where I kept my Puppy in my Pockets and Littlest Pet Shops) that would all receive treatment at the Animal Hospital.

Girl Tech Password Journal

Related image

I most definitely didn’t use this journal for its intended use. Instead of writing my deepest darkest secrets in here, I literally wrote about every dog encounter I had, I’m not kidding. The diary was voice activated so you said a secret password that only opened to your voice. Which was pretty cool until you really needed to stick the new sheet of stickers you got into it and you couldn’t get it open. I honestly couldn’t tell you where this is now but there’s a chance I could have a picture of a dog you know in there that I got from a google image search.

Fur-Real Friends

Related image

I managed to accumulate a lot of these toys over many years as they were literally my favourite things in the whole world at one point. I remember having dogs, cats, a pig, guinea pig, duck, rabbit, panda, tiger, budgie and even chimpanzee. I know that sounds like a LOT but I’d get one or 2 for my birthday and Christmas each year, which eventually added up. I cannot put into words how much I miss these toys and I hope I managed to keep some in my family home somewhere.

Ty Beanie Babies

Related image

I had a very long and very loving relationship with Ty Beanie Babies, once again I accumulated many over the years and still have quite a few today. The one pictured above was my absolute favourite and possibly the first one I ever got. I named this pooch after my grandparent’s dog and can vaguely remember dragging her across the ground tied to a piece of string one day which resulted in her needing a good wash afterwards. She’s very old now and has more of a pinky hue than velvet brown to her these days.

Sylvanian Families

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Similar to Polly Pocket, we had a couple Sylvanian Families play sets but not one of them were brand new. We did definitely have the canal boat pictured above though which was used as a mode of transport not only for Sylvanian Families but also Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop and Animal Hospital toys alike. I believe we also had a windmill that – like the boat (I think?) – has since been passed down to younger family members who have also had hours of fun playing with it.

Scooby Doo Figures

Related image

I had a lot of Scooby-Doo stuff as a kid, from plush toys to these figures and even cups and cutlery. These figures are special though as they are literally stood right in front of me as I type this. I managed to keep hold of my exact childhood set that now look a little worse for wear. They’re all covered in paint chips and Fred’s arm is actually sellotaped together from where it snapped off and I tried to fix it as a kid. These figures make me very sentimental, so much so that they’ve been with me for around 15 years.

101 Dalmatians’ House


I remember receiving this play set one birthday of mine and I think I still have the figures today, somewhere! I also think I remember seeing this play set being sold in the Disney Store again recently! I think it’s supposed to be like a vet’s surgery but as you can see, it was a little bare boned. I can remember when I was younger getting frustrated because “there was no vet scene in the film!”.

Thank you for getting through this list, hopefully there was something on it that you also played with back in the day and had completely forgotten about. I would love for other people to do similar lists to this so I can do exactly the same! For more of my work see what else I have here as well as nerdoutwordout.com.

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