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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – Review

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


For those of you who also live in the UK, bad news. Pixar’s latest release Coco won’t hit our cinemas until the 19th of January, that’s 2 months after it’s original late November release in the USA. As much as I am looking forward to seeing Coco, the fact we won’t see it until January isn’t that big of a deal to me. My main concern was that the festive Frozen short shown before Coco won’t be so festive to us in January.

I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to Christmas, I don’t like hearing Christmas songs, watching Christmas films or wearing Christmas jumpers too early. My problem is, my excitement peaks too early. I get too excited for Christmas too early so by the time it finally rolls around, I’ve run out of excitement. So as childish as it sounds it kind of mattered to me that we may miss out on this festive short film at a festive time.

But fear not my fellow Brits! Disney had our backs, for one weekend only – the 25th + 26th November – many cinema’s up and down the country were showing Olaf’s Frozen Adventure before proceeding to screen Frozen (2013) once again (just when you thought they couldn’t milk that film anymore). So thankfully, I managed to see this short around Christmas time. Here’s what I thought of it…

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is set after the two previous Frozen projects, Frozen (2013) and the short film; Frozen Fever (2015). This time around it focuses on Olaf as he goes around Arendelle searching for a holiday tradition for Anna and Elsa. Firstly, I’m aware what this film is trying to do. Much like the last short released 2 years prior to this one, I believe it’s attempting to keep everyone’s interest around for Frozen whilst Disney work on Frozen 2. This strategy brings joy to fans of the franchise but doesn’t give those who don’t like Frozen much of a break.

The short is 22 minutes in length so I can understand why some people were complaining about it being shown before Coco as I know young kids are unlikely to sit still for an hour and a half long film as well as a 20 minute short AS WELL as the trailers and adverts shown before all of that. In my opinion, Disney probably should have foreseen that and trimmed Olaf’s Frozen Adventure down to the usual 5-10 minute range. It almost felt as if the filmmakers tried to fit as much as they could in the 20 minutes they had, it felt busy and I almost couldn’t keep track. They also managed to squeeze 6 songs in that time, not counting the score so you can imagine how frantic the whole thing came across.

Speaking of the songs, I can only really remember one standing out. That isn’t to say that the songs in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure were bad, just that they weren’t exactly on the same level as Love is an Open Door and Making Today a Perfect DaySongs from the previous films stuck in my head almost immediately after viewing however this time around I can only really remember a couple of lines from When We’re Together and that’s probably only because it was shown briefly in the trailer.

For me, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure almost didn’t feel like a Frozen film (whether that’s a bad thing or not depends on your stance on Frozen). Whether it was because this is only a short film therefore was aimed at kids or whether it’s because it’s centred around Olaf, I don’t know but the whole thing just felt a little sillier than usual. Kristoff was one of my favourite characters in the original Frozen and in this film he almost took on the role of Olaf, bumbling comic relief that didn’t really do much? I do understand though that there’s a lot of characters to fit into only 20 minutes.

The final thing I’d like to point out about this short is actually a positive one. The film’s dialogue was actually really funny! Josh Gad is hilarious as Olaf, one of my favourite lines from him is: [Olaf whispering Anna regarding Kristoff] “you’re a princess, you don’t have to settle” it just added this cheeky, mature aspect to his personality that balanced out some of that naivety as well as probably giving the adults in the audience a small chuckle.

This film is pretty sweet and I’ll probably end up watching it again next Christmas to get in the festive mood. I still believe that the film was a little frantic as it moved from plot point to plot point and didn’t have a soundtrack as good as previous films however I could just need time to listen over the songs again. I believe it’s the perfect film to get into the festive spirit as well as a great next instalment to those of you counting down the days to Frozen 2.

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