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Top 20 Favourite Songs from Carole & Tuesday (2019)

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Carole and Tuesday is a musical anime series directed by Shinichirō Watanabe - whose most notable works include directing sci-fi anime Cowboy Bebop (1998) - and is currently streaming on Netflix.

The show follows teenager Tuesday Simmons who runs away from her wealthy lifestyle on a newly habitable Mars. Tuesday travels to Alba City to pursue a music career with only a few belongings and her Gibson guitar to her name. Upon reaching the city, Tuesday meets Carole Stanley, a refugee from Earth who is busking with her keyboard in the city. The pair become friends and decide to become musical duo Carole & Tuesday. The series follows their journey into the Mars music industry.

With the show being a musical anime, each episode is named after a famous song and each contain at least one (if not several) original performances in them. After finishing the series this week, I decided to put together a list of all my favourite songs from the show. It was originally going to be a Top 10, which turned into a Top 15, and now a Top 20 as there's just so many good songs in the show!

Disclaimer: I will be talking about plot points so SPOILER WARNING if you haven't seen the show yet.

20. Message in the Wind

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Episode 19: People Get Ready

After gaining traction by playing small shows and getting to the final of Mars' Brightest talent show; Carole and Tuesday are invited to perform at Cydonia Festival. After planning an elaborate set complete with live skateboarding and fire acts, the girls decide instead to stay true to themselves and do a stripped back acoustic number in front of thousands of people. Message in the Wind is about chasing your dreams and savouring the moment.

19. Beautiful Breakdown

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Episode 20: Immigrant Song

Beautiful Breakdown was written by Carole & Tuesday for their upcoming debut album. In the show, the song can be heard playing over a montage of the girls composing songs for the album whilst traversing Alba City. The song is about making progress and getting closer and closer to achieving a much desired end goal as well as reflecting on what got you to where you are. Which in the case of Tuesday would be leaving home and almost becoming a fully fledged musician.

18. Unbreakable

Performer: Lauren Dyson (Crystal)

Episode Featured: Episode 6: Life is a Carnival

Carole and Tuesday agree to fill in for a much larger performer Joshua at their first Cydonia festival, the pair are eventually interrupted by Joshua and ushered off stage leaving them feeling discouraged. After their performance, Carole and Tuesday meet one of their musical idols Crystal, one of the biggest musical acts on Mars. For Crystal's performance she sings Unbreakable, a song about finding your perfect fit and becoming unbreakable. This song is slightly cryptic due to Crystal's ex Skip dedicating a song

about Unrequited Love to her before her set.

17. Light a Fire

Performer: Alisa (Angela)

Episode Featured: Episode 12: We've Only Just Begun

As mentioned earlier, Carole and Tuesday were contestants on Mars' Brightest, a talent competition. One of their main rivals on the show was Angela - the 3rd lead character of the show - who is a child actor turned singer. In the episode, Angela performs Light A Fire in the final round of the competition. Angela's producer Tao who uses AI to write her songs, took the lyrics from Angela's subconscious giving the song extra meaning. Light A Fire is about fighting a war against yourself to succeed in what you want to do.

16. La Ballad

Performer: Maika Loubté (Cybelle)

Episode Featured: Episode 9: Dancing Queen

Another rival to Carole and Tuesday in the Mars' Brightest competition is Cybelle, a slightly unhinged French singer who has an obsession with Tuesday. In the episode, Cybelle becomes infatuated with Tuesday, asking for multiple favours such as asking for her number, for her to join a new musical group with her and even biting her?! Regardless of Cybelle's craziness though, the song she performs in the competition La ballade is really good and is performed entirely in French. You'll have to use google translate to find the meaning of this one!

15. Galactic Mermaid (NSFW)

Performer: Yuuri Kuriyama (Mermaid Sisters)

Episode Featured: Episode 9: Dancing Queen

Just a heads up if you are listening to this in a public space or with innocent ears around, this entire song is made up of swear words, literally. The A Capella song is again, performed at Mars' Brightest by the Mermaid Sisters which saw them being instantly disqualified for the vulgar language song. It is a really funny moment in the series that is so unexpected and so catchy! I can guarantee that this song will be stuck in your head for hours after listening! I guess the song is about something being unfair? I'm sure you can gauge just how unfair from the lyrics.

14. Gravity Bounce

Performer: Madison McFerrin (GGK)

Episode Featured: Episode 10: River Deep, Mountain High

The last contestant of Mars' Brightest that I'm going to talk about is GGK, an eccentric performer who claims that she is a vessel in which the universe uses to sing. GGK performs twice in the show due to getting through 2 rounds of the competition, her first song Milky Way is also great but I chose Gravity Bounce as it is the one that is usually stuck in my head. Both songs make reference to celestial bodies such as space, stars & galaxies and her outfits for both performances are decorated with galaxy swirls and stars.

13. Loneliest Girl

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Episode 2: Born To Run

The Loneliest Girl is the first song that Carole and Tuesday write/perform together and its lyrics detail how they each saved each other from their lonely dystopian world where AI are responsible for most of the worlds culture. The girls perform the song in an empty theatre, one of the employees - who later becomes a friend - records them and uploads it online, which begins garnering them an audience. The pair also perform the song at the final round of Mars' Brightest. It's arguably the most popular song of the series.

12. Someday I'll Find My Way Home

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Episode 5: Every Breath You Take

Someday I'll Find My Way Home is the first song that Carole and Tuesday perform live after their manager Gus manages to get them their first gig performing for only 10 people. It is thanks to this performance that the pair go on to play at Cydonia Festival. This song plays with the idea of loneliness, a theme featured throughout many of the songs in the show. For Tuesday, the song is a way for her to reflect on the home she ran away from and for Carole, it is about finding a "home".

11. The Tower

Performer: Alisa (Angela)

Episode Featured: Episode 23: Don't Stop Believing

Towards the end of the series, when Angela's life begins to fall apart due to her mother's/manager's death, Angela begins to feel the loneliest she has ever felt. This song plays over a sequence where we watch Tao - Angela's cold AI loving producer - finally take some responsibility and comfort Angela after her cry for help. Although he doesn't stay long and doesn't show much compassion, Angela is glad to have seen him before he goes on the run. This song ends episode 23 on an emotional note which runs into the season finale.

10. Army of Two

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Episode 14: The Kids Are Alright

Now that Carole and Tuesday have gathered an active audience, manager Gus decides that it is time to record their debut album. He doesn't just want anyone to produce it though, Gus takes Carole and Tuesday to a run down neighbourhood to perform to try and entice legendary producer now recluse Tobe to work with them. This is the first song to use a producer/backing band and is about the two friends being up against the world, together.

9. Not Afraid

Performer: Alisa (Angela)

Episode Featured: Part 2 credits

This song is the second song to play in the credits of the show, appearing at the end of each episode from episode 13 onwards. The song is performed by Angela and when compared to the previous intro/credit songs features much darker, colder colours and technological themes, hinting towards Angela's connection to AI. Although the song features themes of moving on and love, it is apparent it is addressing Angela's mother who has pushed her into the entertainment industry, from being a child actress to now a pop star. Not Afraid is about Angela finally being ready to move on from her mother's controlling nature.

8. Give You The World

Performer: Jessica Karpov (Flora)

Episode Featured: Episode 16: Natural Woman

Before Carole and Tuesday, their manager Gus helped get another musical act; Flora into the spotlight. Flora became Gus' client after he saw her performing in a bar, Flora becomes pretty successful and is offered a lucrative record deal which meant she had to let Gus go. The pair are reunited years later however Flora is much worse for wear after being mistreated in the music industry. Carole and Tuesday decide to cover her song Give You The World at SXSW festival to help get Flora back into music. This song is about giving everything you've got to someone.

7. All I Want

Performer: Alisa (Angela)

Episode Featured: Episode 10: River Deep, Mountain High

This fairly generic yet so catchy pop song is another Angela "original" and is the second track performed by the star at the Mars' Brightest competition. Like many pop songs before it, the song is about having everything you could ever want in the world except the one person you want the most. It is this song that wins Angela a place in the final of the competition and sees her up against Carole and Tuesday. All I Want is a last minute addition to Angela's repertoire after Tao insists that she performs it instead of what she had originally prepared.

6. Whispering My Love

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Episode 8: All The Young Dudes

This list has accidentally turned into a showcase of the songs performed on Mars' Brightest but here is another entry in the competition - this time performed by Carole and Tuesday. This song stood out in the competition due to it being the only song written by the artists themselves and not AI. The song is once again, about Tuesday's chance encounter with Carole and how the girls were feeling before meeting and creating music together.

5. Move Mountains

Performer: Alisa (Angela)

Episode Featured: Episode 9: Dancing Queen

This is the first song that we hear Angela perform, first as an a capella version for an audition in which we hear Angela's real voice and then again at the Mars' Brightest Competition in a much neater, produced way. This song against Carole and Tuesday's songs is meant to show the contrast between the two acts - with one having the best of everything at their fingertips with doors opened for them and the other who work with what they've got and struggle to get very far at first. The song is about believing in yourself, by harnessing inner strength you are able to "move mountains" which is ironic coming from Angela.

4. Hold Me Now

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Part 1 Credits

Before Not Afraid, the end credits song was Hold Me Now, performed by Carole and Tuesday. In episode 4 of the show, the girls attempt to make a video with video producing AI; IDEA. The bot essentially scams the pair, making a terrible homemade video and leaving the duo with nothing to show for their efforts. This song is about celebrating what you have achieved and finally fulfilling your goal. This uplifting song is one of the first songs Carole and Tuesday perform together!

3. Breathe Again

Performer: Alisa (Angela)

Episode Featured: Episode 13: Walk This Way

After winning Mars' Brightest, Angela is signed to Brightest Records where she records her debut single; Breathe Again. This song again has a very manufactured, pop sound to it but it is still incredibly good. Angela first performs the song at a press announcement for her record deal. In a similar fashion to all of Angela's other songs, this song is about starting over somewhere else and gaining a new sense of freedom. The song/record deal lands Angela over 2 million followers on Instagram and leaves even Carole and Tuesday impressed! Not that they weren't before.

2. Round & Laundry

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Episode 3: Fire And Rain

Talking about writing songs on the fly, this song was written by Carole and Tuesday whilst waiting for their washing in a launderette! Round & Laundry started with Tuesday thinking out loud, Carole then begins tapping her feet on the ground and clapping making a beat, the pair then improvise a chorus and a crowd begins to form outside. A montage begins as the full song comes to fruition. This once again, shows the pair's talent when coming up with authentic, original songs in a world ruled by music producing AI.

1. Kiss Me

Performers: Nai Br.XX (Carole) & Celeina Ann (Tuesday)

Episode Featured: Part 1 Intro

I didn't initially expect to chose the first song in the entire show to be my favourite but after hearing it over and over, it never fails to get me hyped for the episode ahead! This song that can be heard at the start of episodes 1-12 and in a metaphorical sense shows how the two girls find each other and how their journey begins. The two musicians who provide the singing voices for Carole and Tuesday; Nai Br.XX & Celeina Ann even did their own live action music video to promote the show!

Done! It took me a few tries to get this post going due to finding the perfect way to display the songs and writers block but I'm so glad that I finally did it! I really enjoyed Carole and Tuesday and that is mostly due to the music, there are plenty of other songs I didn't include in this list so make sure to take a look at the full soundtrack if you enjoyed what you heard here!

For more from me, see what else I've done on hopeelizab.co.uk as well as nerdoutwordout.com!

Carole and Tuesday is now streaming in full on Netflix, worldwide.

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