Who are Nerd Out Word Out?

Nerd Out Word Out was first formed in 2014 by video game enthusiasts Chris Perrin & Mark McGrady. It was primarily just a Podcast however evolved into a website and YouTube channel shortly after.  In 2017, NOWO (that's no-woh) got a makeover and so I was asked if I wanted to contribute to the site as a fellow video game fan and blogger. Since then I have become a key member of the NOWO team appearing in numerous Podcast episodes, YouTube videos and posting the majority of the social media content!


So if you're here due to my video game related posts, you're in luck! I have a LOT more to see over at nerdoutwordout.com, where I post the majority of my video game reviews, lists and discussions. Any others I post here as there's only so much Kingdom Hearts and Animal Crossing content that one website can handle!

My NOWO highlights:

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I'm Hope!

A film graduate from the UK, I use this site to write about the general geekery that I am interested in with the hope of one day being able to do it professionally. I also write for video game fan site Nerd Out Word Out (follow the link at the top of the page!)

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